Sonia Beldom

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Bespoke talent-driven ideas development


Presenter casting & specialist celebrity fixing.


Facilitating creative brainstorming sessions for television, drama, entertainment,
arts and creative media.


Presentation training, media training, networking skills and confidence coaching.

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Sonia Beldom is an experienced consultant for individuals and businesses who
embrace new ways of working and value the development of their staff. She is a
television and radio producer and NLP coach whose clients are presenters,
business people, media-facing experts and those new to the microphone, stage
and camera.

All training courses are tailored to the specific needs of the individuals, groups
or businesses. recent clients include:

Powerful Presentations


Maximise your strengths. Get rid of limiting beliefs.
Enjoy your personal presentation skills and learrn how to project your image,
sound and message with impact.
Practical, immersive training modules available for beginners and advanced
speakers needing to brush up on their skills.

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Brainbox Creative Training


Learn how to build the creative structures to develop personal skills for great
managers, teams and challenging personalities. Learn the skills of motivating
your teams as well as yourself. Effective teams win great business.

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Personal Development

Personal Development

Achieve ambitions that are realistic and fit with your work/life balance. As a
qualified coach/mentor and NLP Practitioner I can help you maximise your
personal strengths, understand how to overcome the blocks and negative
behaviour patterns that are holding you back and show you how to re-tune
yourself in order to get the most out of life, love, work and other people.

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Sonia's practical television training and press handling advise has been invaluable in our intense media-facing campaign. She is an inspiring trainer and from a background in television and radio, she knows what she's talking about.Clarence Mitchell, Press Spokesman for the Find Madeleine Campaign