Business Coaching

Business Coaching

You are the best YOU in the world. Once you start recognising your skills,
attributes and unique style the world is your oyster.

Successful people are goal-focussed. Learn how
to create your own achievable goals and manage your valuable time.

The most productive teams are made up from
happy people who communicate successfully. Happy teams work for you and need
careful management. Boosting the personal confidence of team members will
improve your team's confidence and create more profit for your business.

In business our success is measured by profit.
Increase your personal confidence, develop new skills and stand out in a
competitive market.

Great business people are great with people -
from junior office staff to business associates. Learn how to connect with the most
interesting and influential people by "talking their language" and building essential
networking skills.

The happiest business people have the work/life
balance right. Gain the skills to work out your optimum productivity by getting the
most our of every aspect of your life.

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Individual Coaching

By establishing and building on your existing skills we can set future goals for
increasing your business skills, confidence and profitability.

Individual coaching works in different ways to suit your schedule and time frame:
One-to-one on your business premises - usually
3 or 4 times a month
By telephone and email -usually once a week to
establish goals and specific events/tasks

Team Coaching

Every personality type is essential in a healthy team. By creating maximum
confidence in your staff, team dynamics will naturally improve with everybody
working together for a common goal - profit.

Team coaching works on different levels, depending on the size of your team and
the time available for everyone to attend coaching sessions.

Teamwork sessions are energetic, inclusive, fun
and skill-building. They range from creative session facilitation to team awaydays
and creative ideas creation seminars.

Team coaching can also work within the
workplace where individual staff members can benefit from one-to-one coaching to
identify their personal needs and improve productivity.