NLP Coaching

Neuro-linguistic programming is a fantastic tool for shifting old behaviour and
patterns that have helped hold you back from achieving your dream life.

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NLP can help you

A bold claim - yes, you're right. It is. That's why so many people are taking to
using it as a permanent tool for change. It's all about identifying where you are
right now and where you want to be. NLP coaching will help you find the ways
to get there, enjoy the journey and stay focussed on your ultimate goals.

A lot of it's about language:

the words you say, write and think

the body language you use

the pictures of your world and what they tell you

And about how you operate:

how you connect visually with the world, your
imagination and other people

what you hear, how you listen and your
auditory connections

what your body tells you - your breathing,
stress signals, physical feelings and gut reactions.

Personal Development

It's all about you - all about now - and will get you to your desired place in life

You've come to NLP coaching because you want
more out of life. We will work out exactly which areas of your life need improving.

You may have developed advanced coping
strategies that have contributed to you feeling a bit stuck. We'll look at what's
actually happening in the here and now and find ways to shift your behaviour,
thinking and actions for the better.

You might want to kick an old habit - NLP is
perfect for that. Re-programme your thinking to create a healthy outlook that
doesn't need the old habits - just a new set of tools to help improve your life.

Individual Coaching

Phone 07980 255 235 for a no obligation chat about how NLP might work for
you. Ask the questions you need to know and get an insight into how NLP

Think about this. Which phrase would you be most likely to use when you
understand something?

a) I see what you mean
b) I hear what you're saying
c) Yes, I get that

Each of the answers says a huge amount about the kind of person you are - you
will learn how to recognise it in yourself and other people. Once you do, your
communication skills will improve enormously and with better communication we
all get better relationships, working situations, business potential and new

Sonia's expertise and enthusiasm can motivate anyone to become the best they can and be brave about the concept of change. Nicola Hyde, Director Art Lights London