Media Training

Media Training



‘Loved Sonia. Not in the least bit preachy, but coached the group and led us to
find our own conclusions’ SV, D&AD

‘Sonia… you diamond! It was everything I hoped it would be and more. I loved
the interactivity and how varied the content was. Reassured me being me and
not a robotic manager’ SL, RNIB

‘The workshop put you out of your comfort zone, which paid huge dividends in
our learning and progression’ JB, Brand Brewery


Thinking about a new job? Starting your own business? About to meet new
people or make new contacts?

You know how most people get nervous about presenting and worry about
what they're going to say and how people perceive them?

Well ... I can help you feel more confident when you present or pitch and also
help you get the words right so people remember you and want to know more.

Brush up on your personal presentation skills to give you extra confidence.
Gain the skills to lead and influence people, create maximum impact in all
situations; at work, networking and your in your personal life.

One-to-one training in 1 hour, half day or full day sessions. All training courses
are bespoke and tailored to client needs. My coaching is immersive,
energising, empowering and above all fun. It all starts by working together on
how you are currently approaching presenting and pitching. We will get your
thinking, confidence and motivation on track first, then work on verbal and
non-verbal communication, body language, techniques to control nerves, great
story-telling and scripting skills to make every conversation, pitch or
networking opportunity come alive.

On-camera training and practice will give you the chance to see for yourself
how your skills are improving and how you really come across to other people.
With teleprompter training you can see for yourself how your story can come
alive with tried and tested techniques that all the best speakers use.

My television training courses are perfect for people with ambitions to be on
screen, those who need to brush up on TV presentation skills and people
suddenly thrown into the media spotlight.

Your filmed footage will be sent to you after the session.

If you fancy a FREE taster/assessment session please get in touch. I work in
Central London, Mayfair, Soho and Covent Garden.


EMAIL to book your session in Central London


if you take the "work" out of networking, you can acquire the skills to fee
confident in working the room, building new contacts and getting your
message out there concisely, confidently and quickly.

Media Training


Course length: Half day and full day starter courses
Aimed at: Entry level press and media training
Numbers: Groups up to 8
Location: Client's premises UK/worldwide, N,W,Central London
Perfect for: Business presentation & pitching, Press interviews,
Personal presentation

This course is for people new to media, press and presentation training. This
confidence-boosting course gives you the overview of how people perceive
you, works on your individual style, builds confidence and provides you with a
few basic tools to practice in the workplace and your own personal situation.

The course explains the basics of personal appearances (the do's and dont's),
insight into how negative body language can give the wrong impressions and
good body language can improve your personal impact.

We will work on how to control nerves, breath and projecting your voice.

You will get to try out a speech or presentation of your choosing and also the
chance to be thrown into the camera spotlight and come out smiling.


Course length: Half day and full day courses
Aimed at: All levels
Numbers: Individuals - or up to 4
Location: Client's own premises UK/worldwide, London
Perfect for: Press campaigns, media spotlight, publicity tours

Initial assessment will identify your core media-facing strengths and
weaknesses by using a combination of personality assessment, spoken
language, body language and assertiveness indicators. From these we draw
up a priority list of improvement and targeted coaching to create maximum,
confident impact

For example Do you maintain good eye contact or not?
If there's a gap in conversation do you have to jump in?
Do you enjoy dodging difficult questions?
Does your poker face win money or lose fortunes?
Is "sort of" in the New Oxford Dictionary?

With a small camera set-up we then work on scenarios that cover most press
and media situations to see how you react to different people, questions,

Honest, straight-talking feedback tells you how it is at face value.

And by using trusted NLP and media-facing techniques we look at how every
situation will be improved with new patterns of behaviour, language and
personality projection.

It's all about confidence; in yourself, what you have to say, the situation you're


Course length:One day
Aimed at: CEOs, business leaders, public speakers
Number : Individuals or groups up to 6
Location: Client's presmises UK/worldwide, London
Perfect for:Press seminars, Conferences, Public speaking

This course is aimed at high profile people needing specific skills for appearing
in public on stage, screen or microphone.

Personal appearance training from the moment you step in front of the
camera, microphone or in a press conference, this course builds the skills you
need to put your message across with energy, authority and clarity.

It gives you practical skills on conveying positive body language, presenting
yourself as a capable, informed speaker and builds your confidence to cope
with everything from simple announcements to facing an angry pack of tabloid

We will work on your unique personal style, how to convey your message
effectively and practical tips in staying on message, avoiding trick questions
and maintaining calm and authority at all times.

You will gain experience in high profile public arenas, learn how to construct
speeches, understand how to build a powerful presentation and motivate
others to excel.


We can come to your client premises in the UK or worldwide. We do the
majority of our training in Central London

Central London
Berkeley Square, 1 Grosvenor Crescent, Grand Connaught Rooms